Wild Passion!

Horses aren't just a hobby, but a passion. And up to 200 horses bridled together in a Boom Mustang Trike are a wild passion, a never ending pleasure. The all new 2014 Mustang ST1 is the latest and most advanced Trike in the market. The Mustang features a bulletproof Ford Engine and 5-speed Transmission with reverse, water cooled, fuel injected, 50 miles/gallon, 168 NM of torque, High Tech IRS rear-end, tubular frame construction, all CAD designed and a low center of gravity. All this together, this beast runs around corners like a race-car, a never ending pleasure. You want it all? Here it is!

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Mustang ST1 Mustang ST1 Mustang ST1  Touringback Ultimate Mustang ST1 Mustang ST1  Touringback Ultimate Mustang ST1

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Technical Specifications
Ford Zetec 1.6 Water Cooled / Fuel Injected Engine

  Boom Mustang ST1
  Cubic Capacity (C.C.)
  Power Output (HP)
  Top Speed (MPH)
  120-150 mph
  Fuel (MPG)
  Type of Fuel (Unleaded)
  95 Oct
  Fuel Capacity (Gallons)
  Length (Inches)*
  Width (Inches)
  Height (Inches)
  Weight (Lbs)
  Max Weight (Lbs)
  Max Load(Lbs)
  Tow Capacity(Lbs)
  5 speed/Reverse
 *(approx.) depending on vehicle specifications
  1 year limited warranty